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Question   Absolutely gorgeous!
The pictures are fabulous...this is what you were born to do. Your media may change and evolve, but your talent and creativity consistantly come through!

- Maddi Laird September 07, 2009

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Question   Beautiful
Your photo's are amazing...What talent!!!

- terri chappell September 06, 2009

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Question   Inspiring
The colors are so vibrant! The photos are majical and exciting.

- Teresa Stephen September 05, 2009

  Answer Thank you so much for your great comments on my new website- I am glad you enjoyed your visits-check back often as I am updating almost daily! hugs, Rochelle

- Rochelle Berman  September 05, 2009

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Question   Wow...
Rochelle, your photographic art is fabulous! My favorites are the travel images - and I love the leaf abstracts. Thank you for sharing!!!

- Karen Caselli September 03, 2009

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Question   I'd like to buy the butterfly
as note cards.

Ellen S.

- Ellen Siegel September 01, 2009

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Question   Kudos

- Andrew Itkoff August 27, 2009

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Question   Wonderful Website
Your pictures are truely professional. You may have been away from photography for a few years, but your artistic nature shines through in these images. Always follow your heart: not the money. Of course the money usually comes when you are great at something and you certainly are great.

- Your Secret Admirer August 22, 2009

  Answer I am speechless! This site, these photos, you are incredible. You inspire me in many ways. When you are famous I will be your rep!

- Connie Lyons  October 30, 2010

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